“IronRam” bushcraft knife

It is a heavy duty bushcraft knife with a broad, ‘Nessmuk’-type blade invented by North American knifemakers. (The first piece I made is still in use in Canada today.)

Due to the broad blade and the ~5.5mm blade thickness it has a truly robust design.  The false edge provides good penetration in spite of the robustness of the blade. The blade has a hump, so it is easier to swing and to chop with while it can also be used as a handhold. However, it is less suitable for fine work

The parameters of the knife

  • sleipner steel, 58-59Hrc
  • convex edge
  • full tang
  • blade length: 110 mm
  • blade thickness: 5-5,5 mm
  • handle length: 120 mm
  • full length: 230 mm
  • handle fixing: 2 corby and 1 tube rivet
  • heavy ‘pancake’ sheath leather