“Orca” bushcraft knife

“Orca: A.k.a. Killer whale. An imposing apex predator. Only nature is capable of creating such miracles.

This model, just like the animal it was named after, is a true predator. Its graceful design hides an imposing functionality!”

This knife is suitable for all purposes, be it bushcraft, hiking or hunting-related. This model also features the slight hump on the handle that I use with the “Zengő” for a safer and more comfortable grip, but it has softer lines and a finer design. The blade also has a slight hump which makes the tip stronger and provides a good handhold on the blade.

The parameters of the knife

  • N690 steel, 58-59 Hrc
  • convex edge
  • full tang
  • blade length: 105 mm
  • blade thickness: 4 mm
  • handle length: 115 mm
  • full length: 220 mm
  • handle fixing: 2 corby rivet
  • heavy sheath leather